Service Centre with own repair service

To guarantee optimal employment and a maximum lifespan of your products, you can go to our European Service centre. In this way, ROM ensures security and satisfaction. A reassuring thought!

RIDGID Kollmann service centre
Harselaarseweg 63
3771 MA Barneveld
The Netherlands
+31 (0)342 49 04 17

Ready while you wait service

With our service centre you are ensured of professional assistance and help for your cameras and drain cleaning machines at the times you need it. Thanks to a large parts stock and our service centre with own repair service you can mostly benefit from our “ready while you wait service”. Your equipment is repaired immediately by appointment.

Free replacement equipment with repairs

In case the repair of your inspection camera or locator takes longer than expected, we do not keep you waiting needlessly. We offer you a replacement device in case the defect is within warranty and the device was purchased with us. . You can continue working. You can pick up your replacement device in our Service Centre in Barneveld (NL). This service is valid for both The Netherlands and Belgium. Please note that our stock of replacement devices is not infinite. It may happen that all replacement devices have already been loaned.

Is your defect not covered by warranty? In this case you can borrow a replacement device. In any case, you can continue working.

’That they repair our camera in a short period of time because we can’t go without it is very convenient' - Stinissen Rioolservice


RIDGID offers a lifelong warranty on tools. The inspection cameras and sewer cleaning equipment are provided with 12 months warranty. More information>